I blogged last week about why change is hard and how to resolve those issues. Change is still…change. Uncertain. Scary. Sometimes finding a new direction can be nerve wracking and yet exciting.

In the past few months, my husband and I have been exploring new ideas for business, creative ways to forge a new path. Day after day, I have prayed for the right direction, not knowing if the door I open is the right one.

Many of us stick to the safe route, the same direction, the same path, the same door day after day. Why don’t we go a different direction?

Remember Let’s Make a Deal? “What’s behind Door Number Three?” Here’s a theory behind choosing a door and changing or not changing one’s mind.

According to a study done by Thomas Gilovich et al. in  1995, people prefer to stick with the choice of the door they have already made. All else being equal, many prefer that any errors they are responsible for have occurred through not have taking action versus having taken a specific action that later becomes known to having been erroneous.

In other words, do we as a group overall NOT choose to take action and follow another path because we don’t want to have been wrong? Because it’s easier to be safe and stick with what we know?

We must understand what we want from life, what’s important.

Today I have worked on achieving breakthrough on areas in my life where I have “settled” and how that makes me feel. What would it feel like to experience a breakthrough in these areas? Scary, exciting, nerve wracking, positive. And what are some of the internal barriers that I need to overcome to experience change? Can I move outside of my comfort zone to make these changes?

I want to choose the Right Door, whether it’s Door One or Door Three. And I will choose Door Four if need be. This doesn’t make it less scary to embrace the new door, it just can make us stronger when we continue to explore these paths. And I know that great rewards are possible, especially from knowing that I challenged myself and won.