It’s interesting when you shoot for yourself. Although I am one of the most sensitive persons I know, it was a lovely realization that I really don’t care what others think of my photos. Like them? Great! It’s a feel-good moment.

At a meetup group I attended last week, another photographer with whom I am friendly told me he didn’t like the last photo I had posted. “I really like your other stuff. This one…I don’t know. I just don’t get it. I don’t like it.”

Autumn's Here

And I laughed and told him that was fine, he didn’t have to like it. Truly, I didn’t mind, because I created it for me. My feelings weren’t hurt. A few years ago they would have been.

Here’s the interesting thing. Benjamin Von Wong , a remarkable photographer from Canada has become an editor for 500px, and he was asked to choose some photos he really liked. Editors then post them on their page and also under an “Editor’s Choice” page.

I had worked with Ben a few times at After Dark Education but had never shared my photography with him. On a Facebook group today, he asked for photographers to share their 500px portfolios with him. I plopped mine up there pretty much as a lark and promptly forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise to discover that he had chosen it! It’s pretty hard to get good exposure on the 500px forum as there are a ridiculous number of amazing photographers. When someone with such a huge following as Ben posts a photo, BAM! Big exposure. As of right now, over 1200 people have viewed the photo with lots of people “following” my work now.

What will come of it? Who knows. I just find it extra rewarding to have a photo that’s not liked at all by someone (and probably more than just some ONE) and yet have plenty more like it. The best part is this:
I created it for me.  And I’m happy. 

For whom do you create? Do you share your artistic voice with others?